Thursday, March 9, 2017

Seafood Restaurants in Orange Beach—Nutritional Benefits of Shrimp

Nothing enhances one’s appetite for seafood more than dining in a restaurant that’s on the water with lovely views of the gentle waves, families enjoying their vacations, and people enjoying water activities. You could even say that the sea breeze and warm atmosphere lends more flavor to the food that you’re eating. When dining at seafood restaurants in Orange Beach, such as Tacky Jacks, one of the best (and freshest) items and the menu that you shouldn’t miss are the delectable shrimp dishes.

Breaded shrimps in asian chili sauce, peel and eat shrimps by the pound, shrimp platters with special cocktail sauce, and seasoned shrimps served over cheese grits are just some of the cuisines on the menu of seafood restaurants in Orange Beach, AL to delight your tastebuds. Other than satisfying your seafood cravings, however, shrimp is a seafood that also supplies your body with important vitamins and minerals. Here are some nutritional benefits of eating shrimp:

They’re Rich in High-Quality, Lean Protein

Hoping to build more muscle? Bodies of shrimps are mainly composed of protein with very little carbohydrate or fat. On average, three ounces of broiled or baked shrimp equates to 20 grams of protein and each jumbo shrimp provides approximately 3 grams of protein. Shrimp protein also contains amino acids that body cells can’t synthesize on their own. These amino acids are vital to the stimulation of cells to generate new proteins so as to repair damaged and old ones. Read more on this article:

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