Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Local Seafood Restaurants in Orange Beach Serve Healthy Food Options

While culinary experts are finding ways to push alternatives like white meat, fish, beans, grains, and nuts, following the proposed new diet can be hard. This is because red meat is often used in dishes that are popular and easily accessible—burgers, hotdogs, barbecue, and meatballs; things you’ll find in an Orange Beach cookout or summer seaside party. Red meat is also being associated with sophistication and the good life, represented by steaks, roast beef, sausages, lamb stew and shepherd’s pie. The truth is you don’t really have to avoid these tasty dishes, even if your motivation is to remain lean while enjoying the beach. You only need to replace meat with a healthier ingredient that’s equally delicious but not risky. The next time you go on a beach outing, try these delicious meat alternatives at one of the healthy seafood restaurants in Orange Beach.

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