Saturday, April 30, 2016

Seafood Restaurants in Orange Beach: A Taste of Southern Tradition

A rich culture and history of food defines the South, which includes the Gulf Shores spanning coastal gems like Orange Beach. If you’re visiting this gorgeous region, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of amazing dishes you can choose from. While there are countless restaurants in the area, some of the best places to feast at are in waterfront seafood restaurants in Orange Beach. The proximity to the glittering water, the clean and fresh air, and the festive outdoor atmosphere create a dining experience like no other. Once you’re settled in, it’s time to indulge in the wonderful Southern culinary tradition starting with these classics: Fried Green Tomatoes You might be used to eating tomatoes as part of a salad or as just another layer in a burger. In the South, however, the humble tomato is a star on its own. Slices of green tomatoes are lightly-breaded then perfectly fried.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Places to Eat in Gulf Shores: Elements of a Great Dining Experience

When looking for places to eat in Gulf Shores, AL, you’d want to soak up as much of the local flavor as possible. Forget chain restaurants and bland pizzerias: your vacation on the coast is the perfect time to explore the rich and vibrant Southern culinary scene. Fortunately, there are gorgeous waterfront restaurants that offer the perfect combination of picturesque surroundings, mouthwatering food, and lively entertainment to guarantee a memorable dining experience. Lounge near the Ocean The Gulf Shores boasts a stunning 32 miles of white sand beaches, and it would be a shame to miss even a minute near the ocean. Therefore, choose restaurants situated near the waterfront. You can arrive by boat or by car, then take a seat with a full view of the sea. Enjoy the sound of the waves as gentle breezes keep you cool.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Orange Beach Restaurants Tip: Explore Tasty Seafood and Beer Pairings

"When people think of pairing a drink with seafood, wine automatically comes to mind. Yet more and more food experts are encouraging diners to try pairing seafood with their favorite beers. For culinary adventurers, there’s no better place to try this combination than in waterfront seafood restaurants in Orange Beach, AL. With miles of pure-white sand, clean ocean breeze, plus the laidback vibe of a coastal town, an ice-cold beer and a plate of fresh catch truly become the perfect match. Enjoy that Brew White wines can have a lot of acidity. This may overcome the subtlety of seafood, sometimes even overwhelming it completely. Beer, however, is carbonated. This quality makes it play better with foods like fish or shellfish. It also works as a palate cleanser, which means you’re able to enjoy more of your food and beverage without being overpowered by the flavors in your plate."

Gulf Shores Restaurants: Numerous Ways to Enjoy Fresh, Tasty Shrimp

For seafood lovers, a vacation to the Gulf Shores is the perfect time to indulge in all that delicious bounty of the sea. With up to 32 miles of sugar-white sand and crystal-clear beaches, such closeness to the water ensures fresh offerings when you dine in a Gulf Shore restaurant. One of the most popular seafood in the area is shrimp, and local cooks have found countless ways to serve up this shelled favorite for diners of all ages. A Healthy Option Many diners are ambivalent about shrimp, but fact is, it’s not only tasty but it also comes with a host of health benefits. Weight watchers, for instance, would be pleased to know that a dozen medium shrimp clocks in at less than 85 calories with 7 calories each on average. This makes it a great choice for those keeping a close eye on their calorie intake.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Eat The Best And Most Delicious Seafood in Orange Beach and Be Healthy

Seafood is one of the many gastronomic dishes that you can try anytime and anywhere. The saying there are plenty of fish in the sea is true. Since time immemorial, the seas have been the providing people with its rich food source. The Best Seafood To Eat According to a list provided by Women’s Health, there are many fishes in the sea that are high in nutritional value. This claim has been back backed up by numerous studies before, seafood is a good alternative source of nutrients and minerals. Salmon tops the list, specifically the Wild Atlantic Salon with its 1.6 g of good stuff, meaning omega-3s. Other fishes that have been included in the list are rainbow trout, striped bass, Atlantic Pollock, flounder and sole, catfish, haddock, tilapia, Pacific cod, halibut, freshwater perch, skipjack and orange roughy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Places To Eat: Easy Steps on How You Can Eat Healthily In A Restaurant

You want to eat but you want to lose weight. The struggle is real and eating out is not doing anything to help you. Living alone can also be a factor to eating take-outs and somehow you’ll end up with Chinese. Nowadays it is a struggle to eat out while being healthy. Your lifestyle and work routines do not allow you to cook your own food and only leaves you with the option of eating out. Some restaurants may make you gain weight. However, you can have a list of healthy places to eat near your place. This is the part where knowing your location by heart can be very important. If you’re leaving near the beach such as Alabama, you have a good head start.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Restaurants 101: Knowing The Many Types And The Best For Your Style

Eating out is more than just the act of actually eating outside. This practice can be done alone but you can also grab this opportunity to bond with your family and friends. In choosing the best restaurant your style and the mood of the people with you matters a lot. Having more knowledge about restaurants in Orange Beach can come in handy. Styles of Restaurant Service There are various types of restaurant services that are available almost anywhere. The most commonly known, fast food chains tops the list. This quick-service restaurant is known for its affordable price and fast service of food. Fast food restaurants include a place to dine, while others have drive-through or walk-up windows.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Want To Eat Beside A Great View? Dine On Restaurants In Gulf Shores

Travelling is a fun experience and this is where you get the chance to unwind and release all your stress. Aside from the change of view that you will get to see, you also get a chance to try out new dishes that could give you a one of a kind gastronomic experience. There are many fine dining places in different areas because people, all around the world enjoy food and eating as much as you do. This is how you replenish your energy while travelling and while you can savor it, you must. Your location and your personal preference will greatly affect your choice of restaurant. Find Great Ambiance Every customer wants an ambience when eating. At times, they want it to match their overall mood. Travelers can do good in a restaurant that is comfy and has a good atmosphere.