Monday, January 2, 2017

Immerse Yourself in the Local Seafood Culture in Orange Beach, AL

Seafood tastes best near the water, not only because of its unbelievable freshness, but because seafood restaurants in Orange Beach have a long history and a wealth of experience serving up delectable seafood. The culture of Orange Beach in coastal Alabama revolves around masterfully-cooked seafood. This is a corner of America where they pump out juicy crawfish tails, plump shrimp, fried oysters, piping-hot gumbo and many other sumptuous treats straight from the blue deep.

If you’re lucky enough to spend your vacation in Orange Beach, be sure to chow down like the locals. With so many choices, however, you might not be sure where to start, but don’t worry— there are many ways to discover local food gems easily. This post originally appeared on blog page.

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