Friday, August 26, 2016

Gulf Shores Restaurants: How to Eat Like a True Local When Traveling

Though they travel to see and experience things they can't at home, many tourists never stray far from the beaten path, failing to truly experience the culture they came to see. A great way to avoid this pitfall is to try and eat like a local. Dining at the same Gulf Shores restaurants as those who live in the area do is a great way to experience the very best of local cuisine. Here's how to do it.

Ask Around

Most people love sharing their favorite parts of home with others, so don't be bashful. Ask tour guides, store clerks, cab drivers and others you meet along the way to suggest a restaurant or diner that they enjoy. Most will be happy to share with you.

Go Roaming

As long as you're in a safe area, a good way to find a local restaurant like Tacky Jacks is to stumble across them. If there are many tourist attractions to visit if you turn right when leaving your hotel, turn left instead and see where your travels take you.

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