Friday, September 2, 2016

When It Comes to Seafood Restaurants, Orange Beach Is Off The Hook

On Alabama's Gulf Coast you can smell the salt in the air, feel the sun on your skin and, best of all, you can taste the buttery goodness some of the freshest seafood around. Whether you are condo-hopping, coming in from a day out on the water or hitting a few golf balls, feeding time can only mean the tastiest seafood the region has to offer. From steamed crab legs to shrimp platters, locals and tourists alike will tell you the Orange Beach seafood scene stacks up with the best on the coast.

Sophisticated Seafood Spots

Orange Beach has some of the most fun, sophisticated and unique seafood spots anywhere. Whether you are looking for something upscale, beachfront or bay front, Orange Beach has you covered. For the higher-end experience, try Fishers Upstairs or Cobalt. For those looking for a more casual and laid back feel, take your car (or boat) over to Tacky Jacks. Do some exploring, you'll find just the right atmosphere and the tastiest seafood around.

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