Thursday, April 28, 2016

Orange Beach Restaurants Tip: Explore Tasty Seafood and Beer Pairings

"When people think of pairing a drink with seafood, wine automatically comes to mind. Yet more and more food experts are encouraging diners to try pairing seafood with their favorite beers. For culinary adventurers, there’s no better place to try this combination than in waterfront seafood restaurants in Orange Beach, AL. With miles of pure-white sand, clean ocean breeze, plus the laidback vibe of a coastal town, an ice-cold beer and a plate of fresh catch truly become the perfect match. Enjoy that Brew White wines can have a lot of acidity. This may overcome the subtlety of seafood, sometimes even overwhelming it completely. Beer, however, is carbonated. This quality makes it play better with foods like fish or shellfish. It also works as a palate cleanser, which means you’re able to enjoy more of your food and beverage without being overpowered by the flavors in your plate."

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