Monday, August 10, 2015

Four Dishes All Seafood Fans Must Try in Orange Beach, AL Restaurants

You can't call yourself a seafood lover unless you try a few specific dishes to be found in Alabama. These treasures of the sea will get your mouth watering in seconds. The best seafood in the world is the kind you can eat in restaurants located along the beach. Such restaurants work with local fishermen and fishing companies to have fresh fish and seafood delivered every morning. Americans eat approximately 14.5 pounds of seafood each year, which includes 3.6 pounds of shrimp. Professional fisherman working in the United States catch more than six billion pounds of seafood every year, and while some of that seafood goes to manufacturers and producers of frozen or canned seafood, a large portion goes to restaurants. If you're lucky enough to live close to top seafood restaurants in Orange Beach like Tacky Jacks, then here are four seafood dishes you must absolutely try

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